Why Engines Overheat

At some point in time, the driver's instrument panel may indicate that the engine is too hot. There are a number of reasons why the situation develops. The first thing to check is the coolant level. If there is insufficient coolant in the reservoir or not enough coolant in the mixture, the engine does not receive the treatment needed to maintain a normal temperature.

Other common problems include a faulty thermostat, a damaged or collapsed coolant hose. The water pump may have also malfunctioned and require replacing. A malfunctioning radiator, radiator fan or radiator hose might also be the culprit. Check for coolant leaks beneath the vehicle that might come from a hose or a leaky radiator.

When the engine overheats, the vehicle must be evaluated promptly to determine and correct the problem. Otherwise, severe damage may occur. Contact one of our Land Rover of Tacoma technicians for assistance.


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