One of the most important decisions to make when searching for your next car is learning what the difference is between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. We here at Land Rover of Tacoma would like you to make the best decision possible for your driving needs. Whether you choose rear-wheel or front-wheel drive will likely depend on your everyday usage of the car and local climate conditions.

Front-wheel drive vehicles are more economical than rear-wheel drive vehicles. The manufacturing process requires less parts and the drivetrain is cheaper to install. Front-wheel drive cars also weight significantly less because a secondary axle and transmission aren't required. One of the main drawbacks of this type of drive train is inferior handling.

One of the major pros of owning a rear-wheel drive car is the cost of repairs. The axle is built with stronger materials and therefore can handle more abuse. These cars also offer superior balance and better handling than a front-wheel drive car due to the overall weight of the car being evenly spread out from front to back. The biggest downside to owning a rear-wheel drive vehicle is lack of performance in rain and snow.


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