Land Rover of Tacoma wants you to be safe on the road this winter. We know how hazardous winter conditions can be, and we want you ready for all situations. Consider building a winter survival kit for your car in case you ever get stranded on the roads.

Winter survival kits do not need to be intricate. Keep some basic items in your car in case the worst were to happen, and you found yourself stranded. Portable phone chargers ensure you can call for help. Flares and flashlights allow other drivers to notice you in the dark. Kitty litter helps with traction on icy roads. And don’t forget blankets and non-perishable snacks if you need to wait for a ride or tow truck.

Winter is stressful on the streets of Fife. Come into today to take a test drive, and we can answer all of your questions about driving in the winter.


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