When to Use Winter Tires and When Not

At Land Rover of Tacoma, we love winter tires, but there are times when Fife drivers like you should switch away from them. Let's explore why.

Even if you have all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, winter tires help you go and stop more reliably on snow and ice. Tire brands use special rubber mixes that improve grip as temperatures drop well below freezing. Due to their cost and exceptional winter traction, you might entertain driving on them all year. We advise against that strategy.

Tires built to grip better below 32 degrees grip poorly in warm weather. They also perform worse in rain than their summer-ready counterparts. Plowing through a thunderstorm makes winter tires' handling feel clunky. You will also destroy your winter treads through regular summer driving. Curves and pavement temperatures will quickly peel away rubber and winter-specific features. If you get two full winters out of winter tires driven all year, you should feel lucky.



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