Can a luxury SUV deliver outstanding off-road performance? The Range Rover Sport surely exceeds expectations for its class. Sold by Land Rover of Tacoma in Fife, WA, this three-row SUV is equipped with sophisticated technologies that adapt to the road.

The Dynamic Program is an exclusive technology that regulates the Range Rover Sport's suspension system. By increasing or decreasing the stiffness in the suspension, the DP gives you better control, especially on curved roads. You'll also appreciate the boost from the Torque Vectoring by Braking function that's optimized for agile motion on meandering trails.

The Electronic Active Differential is another essential component in the car's off-road design. By varying the torque in the wheels, this feature reduces the possibility of a slip. Thanks to the Speed Lowering, this Range Rover SUV cruises with optimum aerodynamic stability. This highly adaptive technology lowers the ride height by up to 0.5 inches when the speedometer hits 65 MPH.

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