Cleaning Your Engine: How to do it Properly

Your engine is one of the most critical components of your vehicle, and it should be cleaned every year or two to ensure that it performs at its best. Here at Land Rover of Tacoma in Fife, WA, our team strives to help our consumers keep their vehicles in good shape, so let's find out the right way to clean your engine.

The best time to clean your engine is when the weather is warm and the humidity is low. Only clean your engine when it's cool. If you try to clean your engine when it's hot, it can lead to burns and damage the components of the engine. If you have been driving your vehicle, wait at least 15 minutes before you start to clean the engine.

Take off the negative terminal from the battery and plastic components from under the hood. You can use plastic bags to cover sensitive electrical components that could become damaged from the degreaser. After you rinse the engine, then you can dry it with compressed air or a towel.

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